Elegance that’s more than skin deep...

The state-of-the-art technologies that go into each Vision 444 goes a lot deeper than their stately, head-turning, modern styling. Extensive research and testing combined with the latest composite engineering makes the Vision 444 catamarans as safe, modern, mobile, technologically advanced and as cutting edge as you can get.

The result is a blue water sailing catamaran that’s incredibly strong, sails efficiently, is spacious and forgiving – with the kind of all-round abilities, appeal, level of finish and attention to detail that you would never expect from a catamaran in this size and class.

There is an unmistakable feeling of certainty one gets from owning a Vision 444.

Certainty that it will keep its good looks, sailing appeal and investment value for decades. And certainty that you made the right choice.

The Vision 444 delivers assertive results in all categories – Performance, Safety, Styling and Ergonomics – making it one of the surest, most principled and intelligent choices in a modern catamaran.

And one that offers the highest levels of owner satisfaction.

Inspired by unlimited freedom

Whether you’re choosing a Vision 444 for your own use, or whether you intend to use it for charters; you can rest assured that your catamaran will give you decades of carefree leisure and pleasure. The performance it delivers and level of creature comforts you’ll experience exceed expectations and accepted standards.

The advanced composite engineering ensures strength, performance and weight-saving.

Premium components that work seamlessly with each other have been selected to deliver both a superbly tuned catamaran and an intuitive, user-friendly environment.

The helm design affords the skipper an elevated vantage point of the entire deck and sails which makes docking that much easier.

Built by Sailors for Sailors

The Vision 444 has been built by sailors for sailors and there are key elements on the Vision 444 to be highlighted:

All the decks are level and clear of ropes, giving you the confidence to move around safely.

The mainsheet bridle system is easy and safe to use in conjunction with the self tacking jib.

The balance between the main and jib sails are perfect.

The rudders are calibrated to work in conjunction with sails meaning there is no stalling in tacks or general turning. The Vision 444 can get through a tack with hardly any speed loss.

A unique access door system in the cockpit gunwale allows easy access from the dock to board the Vision 444, and it also makes it easy to replenish from a tender.

The Vision 444 has a dedicated locker system in the port and starboard hulls. Large, easily accessible storage allows you to open one door to access all your through-hull fittings and pumps, in one contained area.

The engine rooms are easy to access. Lift up the lid (with the mattress) like a car bonnet and pull out the locking lever-stay to secure. There is a dedicated seat to sit on when working on the engine and dedicated tools in each engine room which makes servicing a pleasure.

The Vision 444 navigation station faces forward which is a great feature when making passage. Sitting in this area you get a clear view looking forward, so when you’re filling in logs you can still keep an eye on the ocean.

The unbelievably spacious cockpit has numerous large lockers that can store cockpit cushions, fishing rods and even short surfboards.

The diesel engines and the generator can easily be removed through the hatches and locker lids. This is a huge benefit if a problem occurs. Engines can be removed without disassembling the vessel.

Everything on hand

The considered design and manufacturing expertise of the Vision 444’s sporty and sleek exterior permeates to the interior, where efficient use of space has been optimized.

Each and every counter, unit, fixture and fitting has been masterly crafted, and the generous saloon, cabins, galley and cockpit echo unmistakable quality. The interior of the Vision 444 has been styled to match the new age aesthetic of the exterior.

Designed to have everything you need ‘at hand’ the layout is one of the most accessible and durable living spaces to date: there is nothing gimmicky here, and there are no loose components, only quality installations that will stand the test of time.

Our luxurious living philosophy extends to the outdoors allowing the opportunity to relax and socialize, or sunbathe in the wind-protected area of the cockpit.


LOA 13.5m
LOW 13.1m
BOA 7.6m
DRAFT 1.15m
MAIN SAIL 66.8sqrs

Motor, Performance and Power options

In building the Vision 444 we have selected the optimum components which work seamlessly with each other, delivering both a superbly tuned catamaran yacht and an intuitive and user-friendly environment. It is this insight into what makes a perfect yacht, that makes the Vision 444 so much more than the sum of its parts.

The Vision 444 has the ideal weight-distributed engine placement (beneath the aft cabins), which allows for easier access, more space to work and ample lighting while performing maintenance or repairs at sea. Additionally, the engine position is much safer as there is no chance of it being swept overboard or the engine compartment being swamped by a wave.
Even its electrical system is innovative.

The Vision 444 has a state-of-the-art 24v DC system which is as easy to maintain as it is to understand. The lightweight installation has convenient access points throughout the yacht which enables you to identify the source of any electrical problem, in the unlikely event you ever have one. The system is simple and effective, and you don’t need an electrical degree to keep it in perfect order.

Composite Strength

A sense of certainty in any sailing vessel begins with strength. We use an innovative resin infusion and gel-coat technology to form the Vision 444’s durable hulls. Decks are extra-tough while still maintaining impressive performance due to the weight-saving process.

The result is a better, lighter, faster, stronger and safer vessel which will hold its investment value longer.

  • The process allows for a much stronger and lighter boat that improves performance.
  • Optimisation of resin and fibres in the laminate structure increase strength.
  • A highly controlled resin infusion process resulting in a mono-structure, means there is no temperature variation during the construction of the components, so every square inch of the hull is as strong and durable as the next.
  • Powerful vacuums during the infusion processes reduce the ambient moisture in the forming process, creating integrity and quality that allows the sandwich composite construction to bond perfectly.
  • The gel-coat is sprayed on and as a result can be applied in uniformity, giving a superb even finish creating the perfect platform for the processes that follow.
  • Our closed environment methodology eliminates operator error.
  • The resin infusion process sets stronger, far lighter and is longer lasting.
  • The speed and precision of the process allows us to build yachts faster, which in turn results in a significantly shorter time between ordering and delivery.

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